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CloudOpen Japan is a conference celebrating and exploring the open source projects, technologies and companies who make up the cloud. It’s built on a belief that open works: for users, for industry and for technology.

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Marc Merlin

Linux Engineer
United States
Marc has been using linux since 0.99pl15f (slackware 1.1.2, 1994), both as a sysadmin and userland contributor. He has worked for various tech companies in the Silicon Valley, including Network Appliance, SGI, VA Linux, Sourceforge.net, and now Google both a server sysadmin and software engineer. He has done hacking in various areas like mail with exim, mailman, SpamAssassin, plenty of home automation work, and linux maintenance and distribution work for multiple companies. He has also done a lot of work with microcontrollers and LEDs, including a multi platform, multi backend, multi API, 2D graphics library. He has attended linux conferences since 1997 and been giving linux talks and many linux and open source conferences since 2001.